Inflatable Hire

Pool and Party Hire

Inflatable session

  • £100/Hour for up to 40 people
  • Exclusive use
  • 3 lifeguards
  • Ideal for childrens parties or club celebrations and family get togethers!

Basic Pool Hire

  • Just £85  per hour
  • Up to 40 people
  • Exclusive use
  • 2 lifeguards
  • Whatever your requirement – ask and we will do our best to provide!

Download our leaflet here.


All persons must be “competent” swimmers. Guidance is for Junior School aged children of 8 years and over.
NOTE: Parental choice will be respected only if our trained Lifeguards assess the person concerned as “Competent”. If not then the child will be asked to remain clear of the Inflatable in the shallow end or to leave the pool and a credit note (1 free swim) will be given.
All persons must comply with the instructions of Lifeguards at all times.
Stick to the side of the Twin Track you start on, DO NOT CLIMB OVER THE CENTRAL DIVIDE.
Supervised races only.
No undue hesitation – you will prevent all other users enjoying it.
Once you enter the water you MUST clear the immediate area and swim towards the side/ladder.
No running & queue in an orderly manner.
Be considerate of other swimmers at all times.
By entering the water you/your guardian accepts these terms!
The Lifeguards decision must be respected.