Sunday Family Fun Swimming

We are fully booked for Sunday 17th October. Please email [email protected] what date and time you would like to book spaces available from Sunday 24th October 2021.

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Inflatable Fun

Paulton Swimming Pool offers Inflatable Fun every Friday evening 5.30pm - 6.15pm £3.00 per child

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Swimming Lessons

Paulton Pool offers lessons for; Babies, Toddlers, Pre-School and Dolphins. Sessions are £5.50 per session booked in terms.

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Saturday 23rd October – Sunday 31st October


Residents of Paulton will be decorating their houses with spooky halloween decorations!  To become a PUMPKIN HUNTER AND JUDEGE please email [email protected] or check it out on Facebook:


The maps will cost £1.00, all money raised will go to help Paulton Swimming Pool and Paulton School!




We are still fund raising to help build disabled changing rooms.  Your support is very much appreciated.  If you would like to support our fund raising programme please contact Nicola Phillips on [email protected]



A new timetable is attached to start from 6th September 2021.  All sessions marked with * will need to be booked via email [email protected]



Due to the increased number of customers at the pool please can we ask that only one parent/guardian accompany their child to a swimming lesson and we are asking everyone to still wear a face covering.

If you have any queries please email [email protected]



Paulton Swimming Pool opened in 1975. The pool is a registered charity and is located in the village of Paulton near Bristol BS39. Since opening the numbers of children and adults who have been taught to swim at this community facility is in the thousands.

Activities for all age groups are available from a few months old to senior citizen. We start with parent/carer/baby sessions leading to preschool lessons for three and four year olds. At school age a child can attend ‘Dolphin Beginners’ to learn and improve and progress. Water safety and awareness and junior life-guarding are taught at ‘Rookies’ (RLSS Rookie Lifeguard) from the age of twelve. Fourteen/fifteen year olds who show aptitude are employed during Dolphin lessons as helpers in the water and very often progress to ASA Level 1 teaching qualifications. On reaching 16 these youngsters may undertake the RLSS NPLQ at the pool and are able to work as lifeguards.

The pool employees work closely with the local Infant and Junior schools to enhance swimming ability of all pupils. Since the pool opened, every pupil attending Paulton Infant School is able to not only swim unaided but, swim at least ten metres by the time they are seven years old.

Having reopened in January 2011 following a significant redevelopment and upgrade, Paulton Pool has expanded its timetable by close to 40% and has something to suit everyone! The improvement of the pool continued with the award of Olympic Legacy Funding from Sport England which has enabled us to install Solar and Thermal panels, replacement doors, windows and energy efficient LED Lighting, all of which reduces operating costs, is kinder to the environment and enables us to continue to be the best Community Pool in Paulton.

The Parish Council retains responsibility for the lease and maintaining the fabric of the building, so tax payers will still see an allocation for this purpose.

NOTE: The decision to enforce parking restrictions in the car park for anyone not using the Pool or the Chilrden’s Centre is not only essential to the continued growth and existance of the pool and for the HSSE plans of both (maintaining emergency access at all times) but forms part of the wider community scheme to reduce road usage in the vacinity of the Schools. The schools are to expand which will add further pressure to the road infrastructure barely able to cope as is. Pool staff are responsible for enforcing this decision and we ask that they be respected for doing their jobs. Pool users should request parking permits.